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Work Through Worries

Ashley Boyer is a San Francisco child psychologist dedicated to helping children and adolescents achieve their mental health goals

Individual Therapy

I work with children and adolescents of all ages. Though, I specialize in preschool and elementary aged children. My work is developmentally appropriate. It is also based on each individual.  I tailor my session to fit the needs of  your child.

My work also uses evidence-based practices such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  I strongly believe in working at each individual’s developmental level.  I use play and art in a large majority of my work. 

Due to COVID-19, I am not currently seeing clients in my San Francisco Bay Area office. For safety, I am conducting secure Telehealth sessions. 

Dyadic Therapy

I enjoy working with parents and children together. This helps me understand specific patterns of both individuals. I also gain a better understanding of how to enhance the overall relationship.

My goal is to help local Bay Area parents learn relationship building strategies. Ultimately, this helps them effectively parent their children. Dyadic sessions may include: modeling, observation, and parent coaching. 

During COVID-19, sessions have virtually moved to our homes. Now, I see families in their daily lives. This has been a wonderful gift! I can now help families work through persistent challenges as they happen. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a great way to learn fundamental coping skills in a social context. This is because groups encourage cohesion, and model attainment of goals.

 Groups are also a great way to learn effective strategies that have helped others. They also offer a unique support system from peers with similar struggles.

All of my therapy has moved to Telehealth during COVID-19. So, I am not currently seeing groups. However, if a specific interest develops, I will gladly open up some groups for my Bay Area residents. 



Hello! I’m Ashley

Licensed Child Psychologist

I am a Licensed San Francisco Child Psychologist who serves clients all over the Bay Area through Telehealth. My specialty is in early childhood development and anxiety disorders.

I take a relational approach to my work, so I take extra time getting to know you and your child as an individuals. I use evidence-based techniques like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in my treatment–though my work is tailored to fit you and your child’s specific needs.

My work in my San Francisco office is often play-based. I also love using art in my work. I am currently offering Telehealth appointments to ensure safety during COVID-19. Since using Telehealth, I have successfully found creative ways to continue to make treatment fun and engaging.  

My Expertise



Developmental Disabilities


Adjustment Disorders


Sleep Hygiene



Social Skills



My Approach & Values

As a San Francisco child psychologist, I take a relational approach to my work.  I am very focused on the individual and their specific needs. To me, change happens when we feel safe and comfortable in our surroundings. My work focuses on making you and your child feel safe and comfortable to maximize change. 

I focus heavily on the relationship in my practice. This focus comes from a place of understanding human attachment and connection. I place value on  various attachment styles that each individual carries in their lives. My goal is to facilitate a secure attachment to each individual.  This comes from modeling what attachment security looks and feels like. I do this by being genuine, consistent, and transparent. 

During COVID-19, I have made a seamless transition to Telehealth.  My work with children and adolescents has broaden as families have welcomed me virtually into their homes. I have fully embraced this new experience, and I have enjoyed sharing important aspects of my life, such as introducing families to my two tuxedo cats. 


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